What is Amber Burn?

Imagine an empty space where everyone is invited to fill it with their imagination and initiative. A living organism of co-creation. Bring whatever you are. If you are more than one, organize a Theme camp and give it a name.

Express yourself – the most radical part of yourself. Rely on yourself, and take care of others. Give yourself away, and do not expect anything in exchange.

Amber Burn is an autonomous, unsponsored, non-commercial gathering co-created by the attending participants, who are guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man. The gathering is celebrated on private property, yet it is open to all who wish to express themselves, live in a community guided by the principles, and are keen to participate and volunteer.

If you feel you find yourself here, you’re invited; you’re home!

Why is it burning?

Because it feels good to burn stuff. It feels good to build something significant and then set it free with no attachment. Whether you work on it with a team or by yourself, it is a deeply transformative experience. Feel free to bring whatever you want to let go of-  a thought, a symbol, or a habit. Give it a shape and feed it to the flames!

Is there a participation fee?

Every participant (including DJs, creators, volunteers, performers, artists, and you name it) contributes to covering the costs of the event by buying a ticket. Every cent of it is used to build conscious, zero-waste infrastructure, cover organizational costs, and support art! However, any use of the money during the event is prohibited. It is a gifting economy; try it; you will come out richer.

What do I need to bring?

It is an outdoor camping event with no vending on site. You have to bring enough water and food for the whole time of your stay at the gathering for the experience to be pleasant! As we talk about gifting, make sure that you bring enough for yourself and your friends. Sharing is caring! Check out the survival guide here.

When will we burn?

The Amber Burn will take place for 4 days, from July 4 to July 7, 2024.

Where is it happening?

Amber Burn is happening in Lithuania, but the exact location is secret, and it will be kept secret until the last moment; only ticket holders will get the information.

Why do I need to fill in the questionnaire to buy the tickets?

Amber Burn is an interactive and participatory event. Registering is the first step in getting involved and showing interest in participating.

After a successful registration and ticket purchase, you will receive follow-up emails related to volunteering and other important information about the gathering (such as a survival guide), as well as a community newsletter.

The number of tickets is limited. There won’t be any sales at the gates, so only those with tickets will be allowed to enter.

I have an idea for a fire sculpture, art installation, workshop, etc, is it ok for me to do this?

That’s great. The burn is a canvas for you to come and express yourself. Follow the link for Art Gift and/or Theme camp registration.

This is my first burn, and I have no idea what to do for the event; how can I help?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Once you register, you will receive additional information on how you can participate during the event and before it. It’s a great way to get involved and meet everyone.

If it is your first burn, simply integrate and take it easy – get familiar, get awed and inspired, and consider volunteering for one or more shifts.

If you need help, let me know

Yes, help is needed. However, please keep in mind that, just like any other Burn event, Amber Burn is created by its participants. Your contribution can be anything, whether it’s time, resources, art, energy, or some of each, but the best gift is initiative.

If you see that something needs to be done, go ahead and do it. If you think of something that will improve the gathering, take it upon yourself, be awesome, and do it!

Coming to the Burn Event

After buying the tickets, everyone will receive the Survival Guide, which will help us understand where we’re going and how to survive. Also be sent the location coordinates and other important information.


A Theme camp is a component of any Burn event. Theme camps are groups of people who join to take care of survival issues, create home environments for themselves, and, most importantly, to co-create the Event by sharing what they bring: from massages to interactive art objects, from tea ceremonies and performances to dancing stages, etc. Gifting of what we’ve got is the communal effort that co-creates the Burn universes all over the world.


In Black Rock City, it is almost impossible to survive without being part of a Theme camp, although there are always those burners who come solo and join the happenings on the go. But it is always a very different experience to be part of the event as a giver.

How to register and buy the tickets?

Please look for the step by step guide on how to register and get your tickets here: