Amber Burn is the gathering where what happens is up to the community. Imagine immersing yourself in a bizarre world that offers the chance to step out of your everyday life. Hang loose, be what you always wanted to be, and let it ride. Why not try something new? Support a project you like with your wicked ideas, knowledge, and skills. We have the cosmic freedom to tailor our experience to particular wants and needs.

Without each of us, it would be impossible to make this happen. And while making it happen, we have a lot of fun and make new friends. Volunteering is possible at different stages. Starting with planning and preparation. Then build the city. During the gathering, we need everyone's help by volunteering at different places, and finally, we have to leave the event without a trace. Amber Burn happens because we all create it together. You can join now or choose a team when buying the ticket. Also you can join a Theme Camp, as some of them are inviting people!

Theme Camps

One of the ways to participate is to share your creativity with AB citizens: create art, installations, and art cars; bring a workshop or performance; play music; teach something; make and share food; enlighten other participants with your experience and skills through the talks and discussions; actually, any kind of activity or art is welcome and encouraged.

However, the heART of the Amber Burn city are the Theme Camps. Gather your friends and create or join a Theme Camp! It’s way easier and more fun to live in a small community at a Theme Camp during the burn.

If if you want to camp by yourself or with a group of people, you can camp in the Free Camping.

Many burners are coming to Amber Burn with the whole family, and if you decide to come with the kids, join the Kids Valley!

Contact us if you have questions regarding participation or anything else: hello@lithuaniaburners.com


Y’all know that the Cosmos started with a Big Bang Bang, right?

Do you like music, massages, cocktail shots, psychedelic meditation popcorn, and sofas? Then you’ve got to visit Bang Bang, baby! There’s already everything you want from techno and trance to electronica, but do you also enjoy other types of music? Would you like to hear some R&B? Rock? Rap? Etc.? Come and get it! Do you remember the Voyager Golden Record, the first record sent to the Cosmos? It was a tremendous variety of music. We’re all DJs at Bang Bang.

Pleasure and bliss await as we pamper and delight you. Your boundaries will be respected, your feedback and adjustments encouraged, and your wishes fulfilled. We’ll ruffle your feathers until you feel yourself Free in the Cosmos. What’s not to like? We’re all masseurs and masseuses at Bang Bang.

Have you ever shouted or heard, SHOTS! SHOTS!! SHOTS!!! COSMIC FREEDOM? And then whatever follows is exciting and unexpected.

Join us for pop-up shots and popcorn every evening. We’re all bartenders at Bang Bang. For everyone who relaxed, opened up, grew, loved, and laughed during the psychedelic meditation last year, this year we’ll give you two sessions of different types on different days: two ways for your mind to get into the Cosmos.

It will be an Amber Burn experience of Cosmic proportions.

Lead contact: arasvebra@protonmail.com


A community of people from various parts of the world gathers and performs grappling tutorials for beginners and tea sharing in the evenings.

Our communication languages are Russian, Lithuanian, English, and Belarusian.

If you like at least one from that list, then most likely it would be an unforgettable experience for us: music, sports, skills, like tea or coffee, literature, a desire to gift together with us.

Lead contact: mark.franc333@gmail.com

Cuddle Puddle

Sometimes Cuddle Sometimes Puddle.

We will create a cosmic lounge of cosmic rituals, a sunset DJ set, a heart-warming Bloody Mary, and a cosmic surprise for the lucky ones.

As well as yoga and meditation workshops leading to cosmic freedom from within and without.

The Colours of Freedom

The Colours of Freedom camp this year is going to bring:

  • a painting session
  • a massage workshop
  • an inner dance session
  • some DJs
  • a mimosa bar
  • a morning spa
  • an Amber Burn post office
  • maybe a Lila game
  • color dust fun
  • cinema

Looking forward to colorful freedom!

Ways to participate Rangers


Are you calm and patient when things get iffy? Sharp and clear-headed when everyone else is partying? Hats off to you; this is where you bring your cool.

Info Point

Come to the Info Point and help everyone by answering questions and creating solutions!


Is there a doctor on this rocket ship? Fresh on the first aid course? Standby if there’s an emergency.

Leave No Trace Team

Call out to all earth lovers and enthusiasts. Help minimize waste and increase sustainability!

Gates Team

There is no better way to welcome people than to check them in. You’ll be making sure that only registered humans are crossing the entrance.

Greeters Team

Be the friendly face every burner sees first! Great way to meet a lot of people! Hugs and kisses are not to be spared!

FAST Fire Art Safety Team

Yes, we will burn things! But we like to keep it safe. Join to make sure no one gets hurt.

Music and Performances

Step into the groove! The crowd loves you! Singers, Dancers, DJs, or entertainers of any kind are spicing up the celebrations. Don’t hold back!


Clean up Amber Burn City after the gathering.

Art Installations

Express Yourself. Bring an idea into being. The sky's the limit; this is the place where you can see your own unique concept come to life.


Gift your knowledge or talents! Amber Burn brings together people hungry to try and learn new things!

Parking lot masters

If you consider yourself to be an orderly quick-thinker and enjoy giving directions with the occasional mocking and shouting, playing Tetris with cars, consider joining the team of parking lot masters.


Helping people find where to camp and meet a lot of new people who just entered the AB city!


A place to relax, refresh, and zen out from the hussle and bustle of AB City. Sober chill/lounge/horizontal zone with a workshop area, smoothie bar, ecstatic dances, and many more happenings!


Plan and keep order within the city infrastructure before and during the event, from fuel for generators to drinking water.


Help all departments bring everything that will be needed to create our magical Amber Burn City to the event location and back to the warehouse afterward.

Build and Tools

Build the Amber Burn City, Corner Camp, and Community spaces.

Other ways

You can contribute in so many other ways! Be creative and join!